Since Vietnam has decided to join the word tourism in defining its new image, the card is adorned references which are among the most successful of the South-East: unusual contours of the bay of along, imperial city of Hue, pagodas, forest landscapes and rice fields, meeting mountain populations of Tonkin.

Vietnam: Identity Card

- Capital: The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi
- Currency: In Vietnam, the currency is the dong
- National Day: September 2 (1945), the famous Vietnam on Independence Day
- Time difference: When it is noon in France, it is 17h and 18h in summer in winter in Vietnam
- Official Language: The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese
- Major cities: Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Haiphong, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Qui Nhon,
- Religion: In Vietnam, Buddhism is the majority religion to Catholics (7%) and Muslims (1%)

Vietnam: Population

- Population: 87,375,000 inhabitants

Vietnam Climate

Types of climate

In the Mekong Delta, it's hot all year round. In Northern Vietnam (Hanoi), the rainy season lasts almost six months (May to October), with abundant rains in summer. In the center of the country (Da Nang), it is later (July to January). In southern Vitenam (Ho Chi Minh City), it begins in the spring until November, with more heavy rainfall in northern half.

Vietnam: Geography

Vietnam is a long country, stretching from north to south along the coast of the South China Sea.

335 000 km ²


The highlight of Vietnam Phan Xi Pang (Fansipan Mount) is 3 143 m


3 444 km

Everything about the trip to Vietnam from Hanoi to Saigon

Here is an overview of the main travel destinations in Vietnam from Hanoi to Saigon, from North to South, from East to West ... Anyway, I hope you find here what you are looking for! For more information on travel in each of these locations, simply follow the links and fall on detailed weather and climate information, maps, suggestions for tours, hotels and restaurants and full of tips!

You can also help you map Homemade Vietnam to identify where the different destinations.

- Hanoi: the exotic charm of the capital of Vietnam.
Hanoi, the capital of VietnamVoyagez like a Tintin comic stroll through the historic old town, between the shopping streets with specialized crafts and old colonial mansions. A perfect stop to savor the delicious cuisine of the North and the entrance to Northern Vietnam and Halong bay door! More ...

- Saigon: the bustling energy of the economic capital
Saigon VietnamVrrrrrooooomm ... Welcome to Vietnam today, a world of contrast between his little gargottes and ever higher skyscrapers! During a trip to Vietnam, it is an ideal getaway for Vietnamese cuisine, shopping, massages and nightlife. It is also the essential starting point for the Mekong Delta. More details coming soon, but you can already see addresses on the blog.

- Hue: the Imperial City of Vietnam listed UNESCO heritage
Hue historic VietnamL'étape must a trip to Vietnam: a journey back in time when you visit the ancient citadel and royal tombs. Hue is also well known for its Vietnamese food. More details available soon.

- Hoi An Vietnam thousand pleasures
Hoi An VietnamImaginez a beautiful old town full of ancient Chinese pagodas and houses, cobbled streets (too) full of tailors, illuminated at night with colorful lanterns and full of nice restaurants ... These are just some of the charms of Hoi An UNESCO World Heritage Site! Add to that long white sandy beaches, rice fields, ideal for diving and Cham ruins at hand islands: what else? More ...

- The Mekong Delta: Vietnam over water
Delta mekongEntre rivers, rice fields, orchards and bird reserves, enter a fascinating world that lends itself perfectly to boating and cycling. The Mekong is also deemed the most hospitable region of Vietnam: a good opportunity to spend a night with the locals! More ...

- Bay Halong Bay Dragon, elected world wonder
the Halong Bay VietnamC'est may be the destination of most tourist travel Vietnam but absolutely magical spectacle worth seeing. And the good news is that there are still ways to avoid the crowds ...

- Sapa, the land of terraced rice paddies and ethnic minorities
Sapa Vietnamâ the border with China, here is the most famous mountain destination on a trip to Vietnam. Sapa is an ideal starting point to visit the markets of ethnic minorities and go hiking through the rice fields and villages. The beautiful scenery is no longer a secret for a long time so it will take a little effort to think outside the box.

- Nha Trang and its surroundings
VietnamNha Trang Nha Trang is the most famous beach destination in Vietnam, famous for its crystal clear waters, ideal for diving and snorkelling. The city itself is concrete and ultra-touristy but there are still preserved around the surrounding area

- Phu Quoc, Vietnam tropical island
Phu Quoc VietnamRien like a beach break to start or end a trip to Vietnam! Phu Quoc is the ultimate relaxation destination with many still deserted beaches, very clear waters perfect for snorkelling and what an orgy of seafood!

- Danang, white sandy beaches starts
One edge of famous sea from the film Apocalypse Now with white sand beaches and beautiful waves ... but the coast is under construction with planned huge resorts ...

- Mui Ne, the kitesurf paradise!
Mui Ne in VietnamLa mostly sea Mui is a festival of colorful sails as it is primarily a famous spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing. But for lovers of relaxation, well aware that he necessarily, there are a lot of wind and more, Mui Ne has become very touristy.

- Mai Chau and Pu Luong Reserve: majestic sugar loaves on a bed of rice!
Mai Chau in Vietnamâ only 135km from Hanoi lies the beautiful Mai Chau region famous for its rice and the hospitality of its people, the White Thai and Muong. Become a leading tourist destination, it still offers some treasures off the beaten path. For fans of authenticity!

- Con Dao, wild! And turtle paradise!
Con Dao VietnamImaginez a WWF protected natural park which was also the location of the show Koh Lanta. Suffice to say that the place is wild desire! Deserted beaches, pristine forests and more green turtles lay their eggs from May to September. Observe the laying and hatching is a magic show! More ...

- The region of Cao Bang: Welcome to the far, far East of Vietnam!
Cao Bang in northern VietnamL'un recent filming locations Go into unknown territory where Michalak past 15 days. So why not you? Immerse yourself in a world remote and authentic near the Chinese border! A to walk with guides, motorcycle or car with driver.

- Quy Nhon beach break and visit Cham ruins
Quy Nhon Quy Nhon VietnamLa area is a fabulous travel destination in Vietnam for a beach break and seafood! Nature is beautiful, with its rugged coastline, beaches "postcards" and rich lagoons lobsters. And most importantly, this is not very tourist destination compared to Nha Trang for example a little further down the coast. Amateurs travel off the beaten track, do not hesitate!

- Cat Tien, the Jungle Book Vietnam
Cat Tien National Park is where the primary forest is still home to monkeys, bears, crocodiles and even tigers! The park lends itself perfectly to biking or walking, observing wildlife and you can even spend a night among ethnic minorities.

- Dalat mountains Heidi Vietnamese way!
The mountain resort near Saigon is very popular with locals for its cool climate and scenery reminiscent a little our French mountains ... less well. For exotic mountains rather prefer northern Vietnam. That said, Dalat can be an interesting step to travel in the Highlands or adventure lovers as it has many agencies specializing in "extreme" sports (canyoning, cycling raid, easy riders ...).

- The high plateaux of Vietnam ethnic minorities and elephants
An area still little visited Vietnam and quite poor. The scenery is less lavish than in northern Vietnam but the atmosphere secluded off the beaten track is striking. More details coming soon, but you can already read an article on the blog.

- Ha Giang, the Far North spectacular and secluded
The landscapes of Ha Giang are often described as the most spectacular and authentic Vietnam: majestic limestone peaks, rice breathtaking terrace, ethnic markets 100% preserved. A paradise for bikers or a touring trip with driver but deserved: it takes 12 hours drive from Hanoi to enter the gates of Ha Giang. More details available soon.

- The Lake Babe
Beautiful scenery of rice fields that surround a large lake and is visited by motorcycle and boat. The place is also famous for its night with the locals. A nice step when doing a loop from Hanoi to Cao Bang or region of Ha Giang.

- Vung Tau, the Deauville Saigon and its environs
This is the closest resort to Saigon: it is toujous stormed the weekend but quieter during the week. That said, it is far from the idyllic image of tropical beach because everything is concrete and the entire coast of Vung Tau Mui is under construction. In short: I do not recommend. More details coming soon, but you can already find addresses on the blog.

Good trip to Vietnam!


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